A side project I designed for an app that helps discover your yearly focus and motivates you towards your goals.


Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


People have a hard time following through with New Year goals.


People are more motivated with social support and accountability. A step-by-step process allows the individual to maintain consistency and enjoy smaller accomplishments.


Make goal setting more approachable in an easy step-by-step manner using customized touch points and community encouragement.


Research: Competitive Analysis

Headspace: An English-American online healthcare company, specializing in meditation.

Pros: making a difficult practice approachable, community, step-by-step process, rewards as incentive, gamification, engaging visuals

Cons: no personalized path custom to your history, no overarching goal

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Strides: A goal and habit tracker app.

Pros: customization, calendar view of goals met, daily action list

Cons: unengaging interface, no appealing incentives, no community, highlights failures, quantifies progress by overall percentage than small accomplishments.

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Ideation: Content Creation

Before we look at the problem of working towards goals, we need to ask if these are even the right goals. The wheel of life was a helpful tool to gauge where a person would need improvement in their lives.

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A quiz would ask different questions that touch each part of the wheel in order to determine your final area of focus for the year .

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"Polaris" means the North Star in Astronomy, the star that stands almost motionless in the sky – representing the perfect symbol for focusing on your goals.

Goal setting can seam intimidating or hard when it should be an exciting and creative process. Polaris is branded to feel approachable and fun.

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